Are Digital Marketing Assets Worth The Investment?

Digital marketing for care homes

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Are Digital Marketing Assets Worth The Investment?

The care home sector is now worth around £15.9 billion a year in the UK, according to the Competition and Markets Authority. And as our population continues to age, it’s a sector that will keep growing too. There are just under 410,000 people living in 17,079 care homes across the UK, with the average cost of a bed in a nursing home being £888 a week, according to the latest figures from and the ONS.

While the sector is buoyant, care home owners are experiencing the challenges that increased competition brings. 

How do you make sure your care home stands out in a crowded marketplace? 

Spending money on digital marketing assets should be seen as an investment in the future growth of your care home business.

For example, our most comprehensive single package – which includes a virtual tour, professional photos & a video – is priced at only £3975.

It won’t be long before it pays for itself and it’ll help you keep occupancy rates high for many years to come.

Here are just some of the benefits of investing in digital market assets for your brand and your business.



Adding professional photography to your portfolio of digital marketing assets is an investment that will bring many benefits to all areas of your business. They’ll help you make an impression, improve conversion rates and boost bed occupancy. An experienced professional photographer knows how to take photos that will accentuate the key features and benefits of your care home and won’t look out of date in six months time.

Photos that can be used over and over again across all digital touchpoints, including your website, social media channels, Google Business Profile, email CRM and care home directory website profiles.

They’re also very useful for print too, such as brochures, magazine advertorials or articles and for adding to display panels for conferences and exhibitions. Using professional photos across all channels will help you achieve brand consistency and differentiate yourself from the competition. They can also be used to help recruit and retain staff and in internal communications.


According to Hubspot, video is still the primary type of digital marketing content being created by businesses. It’s not surprising: 96% of us have watched a video while researching products and services online. That’s why videos are such a powerful way to showcase the key features of your care home.

There are many different types of marketing videos too, including welcome videos, video tours, testimonial videos, social media videos – to name but a few. They’re not just great at helping you market your business, they’re also a valuable organisational resource and can be used in recruitment, training new staff and internal communications.

And once you’ve added them to key landing pages on your website they’ll help increase dwell time, improve keyword rankings and bring more traffic to your website.


360 Virtual Tours

Virtual tours are one of the fastest growing sales and marketing tools in the care home sector in the UK. A necessity during the COVID-19 pandemic and its lockdowns, they’ve quickly proved their worth and are now an essential addition to any care home website.  A good virtual tour will help you to display and amplify the key features, rooms and amenities of your care home.

They’re a huge help to care seekers searching for the perfect care home for themselves, or their loved ones. They’re also very practical and flexible digital marketing assets, and once live they have low maintenance costs – essentially the cost of hosting. Much like a website, good quality virtual tours can have long shelf-lives and are also incredibly flexible too. You can add whole new sections to your existing tours, amend copy, change logos and embed videos, for example.

And we can also use our Virtual Staging skills to help you showcase the more subtle features of your care home and make certain elements more prominent. A high quality 360 virtual tour provides care seekers with an immersive, engaging experience of your care home at its very best. They’ll also improve dwell time on your website, boost keyword rankings and bring more targeted traffic in from search engines.


We’ve put together a number of different packages designed to help care home owners improve the quality and increase the effectiveness of their digital marketing assets.

If you just want a single virtual tour, or a suite of professional photos or videos then that’s fine too.

Talk to us to discuss your needs.